Call for Papers: "Editing Machado de Assis"

Machado de Assis em linha: revista eletrônica de estudos machadianos (Qualis A1, indexed by SciELO, Scopus, MLA, Latindex) is now accepting submissions for its 29th issue, scheduled for publication in April 2020. In addition to the papers on Machado de Assis, this issue will include a dossier on the editorial principles, processes and practices pertaining to the writer's work.

Throughout his life Machado de Assis kept a close relationship with the publishing world, from his first job as an apprentice typographer at Imprensa Nacional to his half-century-long collaboration with the press and negotiations with his editors such as Paulo Brito and the Garnier brothers.

Posthumously, Machado's work continued to challenge the publishing industry by posing ethical and aesthetic dilemmas and demanding both technical and political innovations—such as the 1958 government decree which designated a commission of experts in charge of preparing the definitive editions of his complete works. The long nineteenth century assisted Machado de Assis—in a pioneering way in the Brazilian context—to incorporate issues related to the materiality, circulation and reception of literary texts into his writing. The twentieth century, in turn, witnessed the construction of different Machadian textual canons, through the survey of new sources and assorted publishing approaches with varying degrees of textual intervention (in this sense, namely the editions of the complete works published by the Machado de Assis Commission and by the Nova Aguilar publishing house). In the twenty-first century, Machado’s work is updated through new media and supports, such as graphic novels and digital media. Therefore, the research on the principles that have guided the publishing of Machado de Assis's work and the processes used therein reveals as much about the literature of the author of Dom Casmurro as it does about the possibilities of the publishing practice itself.

In order to compile this dossier, issue 29 of Machado de Assis em linha welcomes articles and essays which discuss issues relevant to the topic including but not limited to:

  • Contemporary proposals for the publication of Machado de Assis's work, including those of critical, annotated, genetic, electronic and illustrated editions, among others;

  • The construction of Machado's textual canon and of the his images through the editions of his work, both in isolated volumes and collections;

  • The historical changes in the editorial treatment of the author's body of work, whose reference points are the work of the Machado de Assis Commission and initiatives aimed at compiling the complete works (Jackson, Aguilar, Nova Aguilar);

  • The publishing world and the circulation of Machado's work in periodicals and books from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries;

  • Machado de Assis's insertion in his contemporary publishing market;

  • The relationship between Machado's writing and its material support such as the dialogue between texts and images in the illustrated editions

The deadline for submitting articles is December 15, 2019. Submission guidelines and information regarding the evaluation process can be found at: All submissions must be made via the online submission system: